Live In care/ supported living at home.

Our supported live in service help families control the care for their loved ones.

Our pricing aims to make live-in assistance affordable by ensuring you only pay for the care you need.

We provide three main affordable plans which range from your loved one reciving compaionship or motre complex care.

The three plans are outlined below to ensure you can pick the ones that best suit your loved one; additional care compenets are charged individually as detailed below.


The Basic Plan: starts from £785 a week for one person £885 for two people.

This plan is suitable for those needing compaionship or minimal assistants:

This includes.

1.    Support with household tasks.

2.    Personal care

3.    Companionship

4.    Night care once or twice a night.

5.    Some challenging behaviour.



The Intermediate plan: starts from £885 a week  for one person and £1700 a week for two people
This plan is suitable for those requiring further assistance such as peg feeding and catheter care.

It is also suitable for those who are undergoing life changing experiences such as dementia.

This can include all the care in the basic care plan and may also include some of the following:

1.    More extensive care including peg feeding, catheter or stoma care

2.    Hoisting, provided by one person

3.    Carer will work around scheduled care.



The Advanced plan: starts from £1400 a week for one person.

this plan is suitable for those requiring more support during the day and may include night care.

This plan can included both the basic and intermediate package.

This usually needs two carers for round the clock care.


Additional options.

Families may decide that they need additional options as well such as.


A Carer who drives: they may bring their own care or have use of family car 40-£60 a weekly.


Managed food budget: from £30 a week.


Spousal support: from £80 a week: this is where carer is also required to assist significate other with domestic work.





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